Scope of Work

Interior Design & Space Planning

Our interior designing services are customized in accordance with the respective project types regardless of magnitude or complexity, be it for residential, corporate offices to lounges and ballrooms of the hospitality sectors.

Any space planning as implemented shall be well thought to be able to promote a healthy culture of social interaction between people within the working environment as we do recognize that a good design must not just be functional and efficient to suit the business requirements but be aesthetically pleasing in balance.

Our interior design services


Project Management

The principal functionality of Project Management Services is the implementation of good and sound core values of expertise in the various management aspects of the project ranging from administration to construction.

The timely and cost effective completion of the project to the prescribed levels of accommodation and quality within the budget and time frame can be achieved successfully through the implementation of value engineering service throughout the implementation of the project.


Construction Management

In addition to providing Interior Design Consultancy service, we possess very extensive experience in the implementation of a wide spectrum of design and build projects with our core team of dedicated Project Managers and Site personnel with our panel of associated subcontractors and suppliers.